Published by mi11er at 31 January, 2013 - 21:34 | News
Days in mid-january were not the easiest for making decisions where exactly to go in mountains. Freezing level line was sometimes too high, wind was blowing from worst direction possible and the best snow was not always there. We had too variable conditions, some wet showers, even strange events as rainbows at relatively high altitudes. But still .. without any doubt - we kept the fun ;-). And with some extra careful project planning and good terrain studying, some people made those good rides. Some guys even stated theyve made one of their best freeride skiing ever in desolate areas near Kartala in Rila mountain!
And later in the month it finally came - the most significant dump of the season so far. Last weekend 25th of January, Pamporovo resort was ranked among the top with new fresh snow cover of over 60cm accumulated for several hours during one night. Weve received a lot of cool photo evidence sent by forum members as a confirmation it was really deep!

Besides finding some brand new interesting and promising terrains recently, we had to mention a group of skiers had their great time in a classic, but yet magnificent route. They took the long way home by skis from Malyovitza valley through that Long Ridge hills reaching down to the famous Rila Monastery well almost down there :-).
Ok, now the forecast for the next days is not a perfect one, but cant wait to see what Little Sechko (as February is known) will offer.