Due to the quite unfavorable snow conditions at the moment, BEFSA is forced to take the tough decision to cancel this year’s event!

The work of the safety crew that was on the site of the competition on 24.02.2014 reports of a very hard snow bottom with icy ribs and balls at some parts. The last snowfall was not enough and only got things worse covering many hidden rocks. There is a high risk of an eventual fall followed by a serious injury. The time left until the announcement of the competition dates is not enough for the conditions to improve. For us the safety and the health of the competitors always come first. Based on the above reasons the competition is cancelled.

Thanks to all sponsors and crew members for their support!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next season when winter would be back in our mountains with much snow and thus would give us the chance to organize the event at the level, we used to see!

FWT would refund the amounts of the competitors that have been registered.