Good times this month! Fortunately days before Trifon Zarezan festive brought some long-awaited bits of epicness ;-).

A small group of just three skiers were one of the first to hit 10 from 10 possible at Kartala country. They had the luck to be all alone in this lift area with brilliant snow conditions in a sunny day. They surely felt as chosen ones and enjoyed their ride in some sort of occasional private resort.

In next days before mid-february, side by side foreign pro athletes and local bums had great time ripping powder under Todorka peak. Apparently both had the skills, the fun and the big smiles upon their faces at the end of the day. Old story was confirmed: freeskiers all over the world are all the same they are cool and happy people And it feels good and a bit proud to read SBS Skier emissarys statement, he finds Banskos forest slopes as one of the best tree skiing in Europe.

Seven lakes region also took big part of the game as place with a grace. No coincidence it is a common stop for the powdrehunters with a mission to rend the hills. And Rila had plenty to offer this time. Be sure to have a look at Bos fascinating footage and Capelles edit of those memorable days.

This month we had something to keep fingers crossed. Niki Najdenov was Bulgaria freeski societys ambassador at Sochi Olympic qualifications. He made some descent half-pipe runs and was ranked 18-th in his series - quite significant achievement actually. This invaluable experience surely will bring improvement and hell come bigger next time.

Now the month is going to an end and its time to remember that we always have the faith in March. But this year itll be stunning anyway. Winter 2013 is first time Bulgaria will welcome Freeride World Tour (FWT) qualifiers. Mad Goat Ride event will be held 1st to 3rd of march as BEFSA and Concept Creative will take charge as hosts. Cant wait to be there - near Todorkas north face, enjoying those big, aggressive lines, huuuge drops and some master freeriding.