Itll be warmer than usual for this seasons time we are sick of hearing it these days. Nevertheless the season is very much alive and running. The months start was marked with complete success of Mad Goat Ride 2013. Freeride World Qualifications at Todorka will be remembered with beautiful winter conditions - combination of new fresh snow, sunny and chilly weather, and perfect mood. There were aggressive descents by bold freeriders, tough lines by tiny girls and high spirits and skills in terms of competition.

There was another big event recently - Pamporovo Freestyle Open 4. Routes and facilities were better than ever. And as witnesses described, mens clash was epic, despite the dynamic weather and wet showers. Some foreign competitors from Greece and Finland in SBS were beaten by Toni Cheresharov (aka Stavri), who made quite impressive runs, high and perfectly performed (including cork 720 and 360 + truckdriver). No surprise halfpipe was dominated by Niki Naydenov and his three awesome jumps. The strongest of them with series of flairs, mac twist 900 and alley oop flatspin 540. Definitely a pleasure to watch his temper and routine!

Last couple of weeks were also great for touring. We were wined and dined to saw some eloquent trip reports of great snow adventures at Rilas Malak Polich and Kalin peaks.
In Pirin mounains, Dautov peak is always so provoking and inviting with a friendly carriage but so rarely visited. Well several guys were on the mark few weeks ago, when the dwarf pine was completely buried and the snow was just enough in the lower part of slopes.
In the same time another group heavily explored the region of Karaulite peak, which also produced a beautiful gallery, fully inspired by the passion to shred (as they called it).

Now if you wonder about that heading up there... No, its not BEFSA association that aged ;-) but Mr. Panayotov is. A popular member and co-founder. Its his slogan 'Keep Faith in March' and for a good reason. Again he had a precious present for his birthday as the country was hit with rare good snow last week. Solid number of people with fat skis came to mark the feast and did it in a proper manner. We had great skiing under Todorka peak where there was a good 20~30cm of powder with no weight. And you know the afterparty was a grand one. Almost all peaks and terrains in Razlozhki Suhodol circus felt skier presence. There were some breathtaking views and rides that Sunday and the glorious stories of participants are yet to come.

The spring is already here officially. Welcome and cheers, but no one is willing to write off powderhunting season. Theres some pretty cool forecast for the next days and hopefully well keep the big-dump-skis busy again at least for a while.