ATTENTION! Dangerous snow conditions in many places!. 

There is a dangerous week layer of faceted crystals below hard wind slab! The slab is mostly at northern and eastern locations, but the week layer is everywhere! On top of the slab there are perfect 30-50 cm of powder, which mask the danger!

A picture of an avalanche with fatal outcome for one snowboarder just few days ago at the region of the Severn Rila Lakes:

Rila_lakes_Fatal_incident_the_SLAB_ The slab thickness was from 20 to 250 cm!


The fracture close to the entry point. YOu can see the week layer on top of icy crust

2. Snow profile from thwe crown of the avalanche:



On this image you can see the slab and the week layer


Other location with spontaneous avalanches to the ground, the next day (07.01.2017)


Profile close to the avalanches:

Rila_Lakes_spont_aval_08_Jan All tests showed easy failures of the slab (50 to 95 cm), which stayed on top 40-50 cm of faceted crystals

Expectations for the next days

Potential for increasing and persistant danger due to the very cold conditions and forecasts for winds. Possible new slabs on top of the week layers may cause even easier fractures! Please, stay alert, dig profiles, make snow stability tests and adapt your touring/riding according to the results!

M. Panayotov, 09.01.2017 г.