IN the next hours and tomorrow we expect intensive snowfalls in the high parts of Rila and Pirin Mountains! The old snow surface is either icy, or with accumulated unstable (although thin) snow slabs. Together with the general lack of snow, which forces people to ski in the couloirs, these factors are expected to increase considerably the risk of causing avalanches!

ATTENTION! Dangerous snow conditions in many places!. 

There is a dangerous week layer of faceted crystals below hard wind slab! The slab is mostly at northern and eastern locations, but the week layer is everywhere! On top of the slab there are perfect 30-50 cm of powder, which mask the danger!

Hi all,
have you experienced an avalanche accident in the Bulgarian Mountains or have you been a witness of such? If yes - you can help us really a lot by filling-in data for the accident in our new tool called AvalReport.
We are happy to announce the publication of a marvelous book for the anniversary of the 10th year from makeing the BEFSA's photo contests. The book is printed on high-quality paper and contains 152 pages of great photos and the best stories published in
For the last 2 days there is more than 1 meter of snow in the mountains! The avalanche danger increased considerably and there are high chances for big avalanches, even in steep forested terrain! Today 3 young man died in an avalanche accident in Pirin Mts!


Due to the quite unfavorable snow conditions at the moment, BEFSA is forced to take the tough decision to cancel this year’s event!

We wish you a very, very nice, Healthy and POWDERY new 2014 Year!

It’ll be warmer than usual for this season’s time … we are sick of hearing it these days. Nevertheless the season is very much alive and running. The month’s start was marked with complete success of Mad Goat Ride 2013. Freeride World Qualifications at Todorka will be remembered with beautiful winter conditions - combination of new fresh snow, sunny and chilly weather, and perfect mood. There were aggressive descents by bold freeriders, tough lines by tiny girls and high spirits and skills in terms of competition.
Good times this month! Fortunately days before Trifon Zarezan festive brought some long-awaited bits of epicness ;-).

A small group of just three skiers were one of the first to hit 10 from 10 possible at Kartala country. They had the luck to be all alone in this lift area with brilliant snow conditions in a sunny day. They surely felt as chosen ones and enjoyed their ride in some sort of occasional private resort.

This winter Bulgaria will be for the first time the host of qualification for Freeride World Tour (FWT) – ski and snowboard world competition series on rough terrain.

In the period from 1st to 3rd of March, on the eve of the Bulgarian Liberation Day, Bansko will accept the competition “Mad Gold Ride ‘2013” organized by the teams of Bulgarian Extreme and FreeSkiing Association (BEFSA) and Concept Creative, which beside the FWT qualification will be included also the Bulgarian State Championship in the discipline.

“Mad Goat Ride 2013” will take place on the northern slope of Todorka peak, where a limited number of competitors only will have opportunity to ride down and compete in the deep snow.

The participants are going to be divided in four categories: ski (men), ski (women), snowboard (men) and snowboard (women), as for the winners an attractive cash prize of over €1600 and various other awards are prepared.

For any further information about the competition please contact the organizers

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