Days in mid-january were not the easiest for making decisions where exactly to go in mountains. Freezing level line was sometimes too high, wind was blowing from worst direction possible and the best snow was not always there. We had too variable conditions, some wet showers, even strange events as rainbows at relatively high altitudes. But still .. without any doubt - we kept the fun ;-). And with some extra careful project planning and good terrain studying, some people made those good rides. Some guys even stated they’ve made one of their best freeride skiing ever in desolate areas near Kartala in Rila mountain!
After a nasty period of several warm days, January gains momentum with good snowfalls all over the high mountains. Again those beloved traditional feasts of YordanovDen and IvanovDen led to classic powder days in Rila, Vitosha and Rhodopes.
Happy New 2013! As usually, it came with fantastic powder several days later! We wish you all very, very nice moments in "the white room" влез или се регистрирай за да пишеш коментари | read more | 1032 разглеждания
ATTENTION! The avalanche danger again is very high, we expect even more complicated situation in the next 24 h!

The warm winds and active snowfalls created conditions for avalanches! In the last night there has been high avalanche activity with some avalanches on unusual places, crossing popular paths (the one to Maliovitsa hut).

21.01.2012: In the mountains in Western Bulgaria there are places with more than 50 cm of new snow! There is strong Western wind and very, very thick accumulations! There are spontaneous avalanches and very high risk of causing deep slab slides! We advice you to avoid passing below and skiing on steep lee slopes (East, South), to stay in forested terrain or go in open terrain only when visibility improves and you can choose a safe route!
Hi all,
First - Happy new 2012 and let it be full of health and powder!

We would like to warn about sharp increase of Avalanche danger! The snowfall is very intensive, so far it has been with strong wind and high temperatures (06.01.2012, 11:00 AM). There are reports for spontaneous avalanches in Pirin Mts. ! We expect much more snow later in the day and at night, so probably by tomorrow there will be more than 50 cm in the mountains in the Western part of Bulgaria and very unstable much thicker slabs! We advice you to avoid open and steep slopes and seek the good snow in forested terrain!
Hi All,
true to its traditions the Bulgarian Extreme and Freeski Organization (BEFSA) is making again an event which aims at gathering in one place free-minded skiers, snowboarders and all kind of "snow-gliding-lovers". From 28 Feb to 6 March 2011 in Kartala resort in Rila mountains above Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) will be the scene of parties, freestyle jibes and competition, mini freeride competition, "Chinese downhill" competition and other interesting and fun-to-participate and watch events. As in previous years there will be a contest for best "photo or video" story in which the participants will retell what they lived through that week. Judgment will be by the audience:) So, fun is guaranteed as every time BEFSA is involved.
For e Second Year Pamporovo ski resort together with Smolyan Snowboarding Club and Bulgarian Extreme and Freeski Association (BEFSA) are organizing the biggest freestyle event for the year! The event will be from 25-27 Feb. 2010, but all the jumps, including the halfpipe in the freestyle park are already open for training and open use!
During the weekend of 21-23 Jan. finally the high mountains received a good dump. In some places the new snow is 20-30 (40) cm high! During the snowfall there was strong wind which accumulated big quantities of snow on lee (Eastern, Northern) slopes. We have reports for avalanche activity in the region of the Seven Rila Lakes and Pirin Mts.

For the 5-th time in the region of Belmeken sports camp there will be the "DRAGON ROAD GAP" event. In one really beautiful places the best freestylers in Bulgaria and their fans will have the chance to meet, do tricks, enormous jumps above the road and HAVE FUN!The event will take place from 19 to 21 march 2010

Additionally there will be a "Snow Art: Fest - everybody is invited to show how he/she can shape the snow!

A special party will be organized by the team of "Groovy Sessions": It is expected that it will be the most crazy party at that altitude in Bulgaria up to now (an exception are our good memories from Academica sports base until it was not closed by Bansko ski resort...

The registration is active on:

Here are just some of the great prises:
1.Googles Dragon DX Skull Candy COOP ION
2. Snowboard Forum Image 158
3. Ski Armada ANT

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