Free Spirit Week 2010 - a meeting of freeskiers

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Hi to all, in very short: What? - a meeting of freeskiers. Interesting events - freestyle sessions, chineese downhill, and interesting "freeride contest" Where? - the Rila lakes hut region. Now with more easy access with the "new", but very slow lift When? - 04-07 March 2010 Of course, there will be a lot of interesting prises thanks to the support of sponsors:)

3 March
Arrival, technical conference

4 March
skiing, making pictures...

5 march
again skiing for fun and making pictures; And:

Mad Goat Downhill- the "Chinese" contest

6 march
свободно каране и снимане
13-15 ч. Saturday Freestyle Session
16 ч. outdoor party and prise-giving ceremony of Saturday Freestyle Session
19 ч. presentations of the participants in the "Mad Goat Photo Chase" (remember the "skiing"?)
21 ч. Free Spirit Week Crash Down Party

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The very high avalanche danger in the Bulgarian mountains continues! Big spontaneous avalanches on some slopes (slabs...), also spontaneous avalanches in FORESTS! There is a very week combination of layers below all the slabs and new snow from the previous 10 days...
Unfortunately 2 dead people in the last weeks, one of them in forest terrain!
Below are just some images from avalanches on very popular slopes:

Vitosha mountains, just on the "ski runs":

Merry Christmas

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Merry X-Mas!
Let it bring to you, your relatives and friends a lot of health and heapines!

Finally a big season start

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At last, the winter came... With several snowfalls, strong winds and bitter cold. Some already enjoyed good powder runs, some are still waiting (for what?). We greet all of you skiing or touring somewhere out there and use the opportunity to make a warning for avalanche danger on steep lee slopes like those next to "Platoto" run on Bansko, "Markudzik 3" on Borovets and most of the terrains above "Aleko" on Vitosha.

RED BULL POWDER KICK - International Big Mountain Competition, 19-22...

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info / schedule / venue / rules / registration 

RED BULL POWDER KICK - International Big Mountain Competition, 19-22February 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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We wish all the freeriders good luck and health!
Following the old tradition we again received a powder present for the holidays. Enjoy it and let there be many more! We wish you safe and very pleasa

Bulgarian Extreme and FreeSkiing Association made 10 years!

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On the 11 October 2008 the Bulgarian Extreme and FreeSkiing Association (BEFSA)celebrated 10 years from its creation!

10 years ago a bunch of "free-thinking" young Bulgarian skiers gathered in a small cafe to finally agree and create a small organization, that had to fight for their interest and try to promote their favorite sports!

International Big Mountain Compertition'09

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International Big Mountain Competition, Bulgaria, 18-22 February 2009


International Big Mountain Competition will take place on some of the steepest slopes in Bulgarian Mountains from February 18 to 22nd 2009. The best Bulgarian freeriders will compete with some of the most experienced world freeride skiers taking part in this event.

2008 Volkl NZ Freeski Open - daily news and media coverage

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Whit this section of our web site we'll try to keep you close to current events on New Zealand Volkl Freeski Open


Day fourth - Volkl Freeski Big Mountain Finals

2008 NZ Free Ski Open with bulgarian participation

Published by emo_bager4eto at 21 August, 2008 - 08:22 | News

The Volkl Freeski Open by the Royal NZ Air Force is back bigger than ever!

2008 will see the VOLKL NZ Freeski Open by the Royal NZ Air Force stepping it up to a level which rivals that of the world's biggest freeski events. With a complete athlete focus and international team of organisers this will undoubtedly prove to be the best freeski event to be hosted in the Southern Hemisphere.