Neal Valiton

26.04.1988 - 11.04.2007

The ski world is saddened by the news that one of our great competitors, Neal Valiton, passed away recently. Winner of The North Face Young Gun Award at the Subaru US Freeskiing Nationals, Neal skied out of this world on April 11th at the age of 18, just days before his 19th birthday. He died doing what he loved, skiing in Tignes, France.

EURONEWS has responded to the threats against Bulgarian Nature with a special report from BANSKO region (enormous building constructions) and Cape Kaliakra region.
WE CARE about Bulgarian Nature and HER Future. Because in Pirin mountains (above BANSKO) there are 1300 years old trees and some of the best-preserved coniferous forests in the World, because through Cape Kaliakra every year pass thousands of migrating Birds, BECAUSE we don't like everything to be Concrete and Steel... We think, you should also be aware of this.
DRAGON Road GAP 2007 and PLANET-X Freestyle camp are over.

As always - very interesting tricks. For the first time in Bulgaria - "1080" by Alexander Karadinkov. Also a perfect switch-back flip from Dancho Roev. We were very glad to see some new faces on the scene:)

Planet X Freestyle Camp (19-25 March 2007) will help athletes from many part of the world to spend time together and exchange experience and ideas. The main goal of the camp is to contribute to the development of the scene and the skills of the participants, so you might find less commercial elements in it.

Ilian Petrov participated in the finals of the US FREESKIING NATIONALS, SNOWBIRD, USA. The fact, that a Bulgarian, who does not have the possibility to keep a line of participations in Big freeride competitions was on the final, makes us all very happy! Andreana Yankova, the best Bulgarian female freerider, departured for participation in the Verbier O'Neill Xtreme by Swatch 2007.

08 march - here is the first news from Snowbird comp. The event is just starting. Wednesday and Thursday are qualification days. In view of the fact that Ilian is on the 48 position in the IFSA list, he goes directly to the finals on Friday, 09 march.

We recieved an e-mail from Wild Ride Team:

"We regret to inform you that the 2007 Wild Ride, Bansko, Bulgaria (Big Mountain event) is cancelled until February - March 2008.

Due to the lack of good base and totally uncovered cliff sections we were forced to postpone the event for next winter season.
Due to the strong winds and the recent snowfalls on many slopes there are very unstable snow slabs! We have received reports from different parts of Pirin Mountains (the regions of Bansko and Bezbog ski resorts) about simultaneous avalanches on whole slopes!
National FREERIDE Competition was held on 23-25 Feb 2007 in the region of Bezbog hut (Bezbog ski resort, Pirin mountains). It was organised by the Bulgarian Extreme and Freeski Association (BEFSA) according to IFSA's rules.

General sponsors were: DYNASTAR, STENATA shop (importer of ORTOVOX, Doiter), 686, Da Kine. A lot of nice presents, including DYNASTAR LEGEND skis, backpacks, beautyful clothes etc.

As always (we are BEFSA after all, good time guaranteed:), there was a great party, Freestyle sessions etc.

Just the winners:

SKI, freeride, MEN:

1. Vencislav Pozkov - 91 points

2. Andrei Balevski - 83 points

3. Emil Tumbakiev - 78 points

SKI, freeride, WOMEN:

1. Andreana Iankova - 103 points (highest score!)

2. Maia Stoilova - 55 points

3. Petia Koleva - 23 points

SNOWBOARD, freeride, MEN:

1. Kostadin Kostadinov (Fozzie) - 86 points

2. Pavel Mitrenga - 65 points

3. Ianis Ianaris - 42 points


1. Bozana Chalakova - 37 points

2. Anna Dimitrova - 32 points

3. Lora Afanasieva - 30 points


1. Alexander Karadinkov - 52 points

2. Niki Naidenov - 32 points

3. Zoro Tanchev - 28 points

Here is the place to remind about the big Freestyle Event - Planet X Freestyle Camp ( )

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Very good snow conditions on Vitosha, Rila and Stara Planina mountains. Possible wind slabs on Eastern and Northern slopes. Be sure to test the snowpack, since it was loaded by strong winds the previuos weeks. Weather is mild, wet snow conditions possible on Southern slopes, hard in the morning. On N slopes - powder or thin wind-crust! At some places windpacked, soft!
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