Avalanche and Travel Safety in Bulgaria

If you are about to practice some sports activity in Bulgarian mountains, please have in mind the following:

Having in mind all the mentioned above we would like to advice you the following:
1. Ski, snowboard or travel in Bulgarian mountains with a local person with very good knowledge of local conditions. This is good not only for choosing the safest routes, but also to be able to coummunicate with other local persons about transport, accomodation and food. This may save problems and additional expenses.
2. Always carry rescue equipment, make avalanche tests, ski or snowboard safely and be ready to perform a rescue operation by yourself.
3. Make sure you have an insurance that covers all rescue expenses abroad.
4. Always negotiate prices before traveling. Drivers of vans and taxis are notorious for trying to cheat their clients.
5. We recommend contacting a local person and discussing trip plans before arrival in Bulgaria. You may get some useful tips.
6. Typical prices are: sleeping in a hut ~7-10USD; sleeping in small private hotels 10~15USD; sleeping in bigger hotels (3,4 stars) - above 50 USD; ski tickets (for a day) ~25-30USD (a big increase in 2005/2006!); Traveling with bus form Sofia to ski resorts - about 10USD; Soft drinks-0,5USD; tea, coffee- 0,5-1USD; beer ~1USD; soup - ~1-2USD etc.
7. And at last - skiing in Bulgaria can be great. Not very much skiers and snowboarders ride outside the ski runs, so Powder is not spoiled quickly. Usually you are The First on The Slope (especially outside the boundaries of ski resorts). Further more - in Bulgaria almost 70% of the "interesting" slopes wait for a "first descent"