Bulgarian Extreme and FreeSkiing Association (BEFSA) - past events

Big Mountain Competition 10-11 March 2002, Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

Due to the bad snow conditions during the ski season 2000-2001, the only place that had good conditions for a Big Mountain Competition was the region around Rila Lakes hut, in West North Rila Mountain. That is why BEFSA decided to organize the second BM competition in Bulgaria at the slopes just above the hut.

The Course

The course of the competition was relatively short, around 150 meters vertical drop, but was quite wide and provided a large variety of terrain for many different lines. This allows the competitors to demonstrate their skill. There were wide and steep couloirs, as well as risk routes through the cliffs.

The access to the slope was very good, as the ski drag list nearby allow competitors to reach the start in mere 50 meters walk from the list. This allowed easy organization of the training and qualification runs, as well as dynamic competition with more than one runs.

The course was also very well visible from the hut, so the audience can enjoy the show even in the comfort of the lounge cafe.


The contest was organized according to IFSA Big Mountain Freeskiing Contest Guidelines and the competitors was be judged by a jury of three fudges according to IFSA Competition Rules in the five categories:
- Choice of Line
- Control
- Fluidity
- Technique
- Aggressiveness
The competitors were also required to wear protective equipment such as helmets and back bone protectors.

The jury consisted or three famous Bulgarian skiers and mountaineers, who are among the legends of backcountry skiing in Bulgaria. This gave confidence in the competitors in the quality of judging that was enforced.

Every competitor received a photo of the curse with marked No Fall Zones.

There were around 30 participants from all over the country.

Competitors were required top be should be of a minimum age of 18, in case of approval by the parents with a minimum age of 16. All competitors signed a liability form and a copy-right release at the event registration, as well as to show valid life insurance.


The safety of the event was insured by the Mountain Rescue Service, who had a number of officers at the start and finish of the course.


The vent was covered by the extreme sport TV show "Bx3m". The filming crew shot footage of the whole event and broadcasted a 30 minutes report in its weakly show on bTV - the largest TV station in Bulgaria.

There were also a number of reporters from the local press, who published summary from the event.


The event was organized with the financial support of:
- Toyota
- Rossignol
- Moten Lounge
- Namaste - sport equipment store
- BAS - sport equipment store
The prize for the winners of the event was limited to equipment provided by sponsors.

The Competition

Day One
- 21:30 - Arrival and accommodation; Competitor meeting

Day Two
- 9:00 - Competitor meeting (Course explained)
- 11:15 - Official training and qualification
- 13:30 -First Two Runs
- 16:30 - First Two Runs Results announced

Day Three
- 9:00 - Competitor meeting (Course explained)
- 11:15 - Official training and qualification
- 13:30 -First Two Runs
- 14:30 - Second Two Runs Results announced
- 15:00 - Prize giving ceremony

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