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Начално Становището на ЮНЕСКО за ПИРИН

Тъй като тези дни (15 юни) излезе официалното становище на ЮНЕСКО за Пирин и тъй като то вече беше цитирано (но не много вярно), бих искал да Ви обърна внимание на него и някои извадки от него...

Общият извод е, че все още не е нужно Пирин да се включва в специалната листа на застрашениете световни обекти (то и това оставаше), но има много негативни констатации и препоръки какво да не се случва.... преведено, това съвсем не е "положителен" доклад, както беше цитиран уеб сайта на ски зона Банско - http://www.banskoski.com/bg/

Документът можете да изтеглите от адрес http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/225/documents/

последният документ. Изтегля се PDF файл, може да трябва да го преименовате ръчно, за да го отворите!

Извадки (дословен цитат):

Новина поне за мен, не знаех, че наистина са изключили "курортите" от ЮНЕСКо зоната по "предложение от България":

After a technical evaluation in 2009, the Committee at its
34th meeting in 2010, approved the extension of the Pirin World Heritage Site and the establishment of
a buffer zone to strengthen the integrity and management of the property (34 COM 8B.5). In the same
decision, the Committee accepted the exclusion of a four areas (150.6 ha) on the periphery, and further
the exclusion of the Bansko and Dobrenishte tourism zones (1 078.23 ha) and to include these in a
new buffer zone.
Причината за изключването на зоните е нарушените им (Вече) функции за опазване на ЮНЕСКО зоната...

The World Heritage Committee decision justified the exclusion of the buffer zone by noting that they
are not compatible with World Heritage status because of the impacts on integrity from ski development.

It is clear that the two areas do not, on their own, fully fulfil the functions outlined in the Operational
Guidelines of the Convention,
which expect that buffer zones surround and provide an added
layer of protection to the property. Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect that these impacted areas alone
would function as effective buffer zones to the property.
Считат, че подмяната на 2-та лифта не е съществен проблем, всякъкви нови модификации трябва да са по спазване на законите и без да нарушават стойностите на зоната

In the view of the mission team the replacements and capacity upgrades within the two buffer zone
areas have been undertaken in an appropriate manner and cannot be viewed as adversely affecting the
Outstanding Universal Value of the property.......
It would be advisable to consider that replacement of ski lifts or
opening of ski runs in the buffer zone should be left to the State Party to assess and regulate according
the relevant laws, regulations and procedures, but ensuring that there is no impact on the Outstanding
Universal Value of the property.
Комитета счита, че трябва да има много твърда позиция да не се допуска разширяване на ски зоните, извън вече изключените територии! Прецедента с изключването на територии през 2010 г. не трябва да се допуска отново... Това трябва задължително да се има предвид при изготвянето на новия План за управление на НП "Пирин"

The municipalities of Bansko and Razlog have explicit plans and aspirations to expand new ski zones
within the Pirin World Heritage Site. The Committee needs to take a very firm position that no further areas within the property, outside of the already excluded areas, should be permitted for ski or other
similarly high-impact developments.
Moreover it should be made explicit that the 2010 exclusion of
the Bansko and Dobrinishte buffer zone should not be used as a precedent to demand any further
boundary modifications. This must be particularly ensured during the preparation of the new management
plan of Pirin National Park.
Всяко нарушаване на границите на дефинираните зони трябва да не се допуска, моментално да се санкционира най-строго и да се вземат мерки включително и по концесионните договори

Violation of the boundaries should constitute a serious offense
and breach of concession agreement, and be treated with strictest measures from the Directorate
and the Ministry of Environment and Water.
Всякъкви ремонти и модификации (лифтове, ски писти) трябва да се наблюдават строго от Управляващите органи и да се осигури пълно спазване на нормите (законите, оценките) за устройство на територията и оценки за въздействие върху околната среда...

The Pirin National Park Directorate and the Ministry of Environment and Water should also ensure
that the implementation of restoration (old ski runs, lifts etc.) measures should be strictly supervised
and monitored by the Directorate in accordance with conditions in the Territorial Arrangement Plan,
Environmental Impact Assessments or any other subsequent administrative decisions.

И няколко допълнителни цитата:

It is obvious, that the development of the ski resort and facilities have over the past 20 years grown
from a rather insignificant add-on of the PNP to an activity, which has entirely transformed the nature
of the ski zone and the Vihren Valley (see photos in Annexe E).

Освен всичко останало, комисията е регистрирала "фалшива" карта на ски зона Банско, която е предоставена от кмета и се различава от официалната в планът за управление (вижте стр. 17 от PDF файла). Става дума за това, че на официалната карта районът на "Църна могила" (Академика, стария лифт, писта) са ИЗКЛЮЧЕНИ от ски зоната, а кметът на Банско показвал карта с включени...

Точно под тези карти се констатира и, че някои части на пистите (концесията) излизат ИЗВЪН дефинираните граници на буферната зона и на концесионния договор!
There are also differences between the boundaries of the buffer zone and the concession area map16.
Based on a map provided by the MoEW (Map 4) to the mission, the concession boundaries are mostly
within the existing buffer zone boundaries, though there are some discrepancies. It appears e.g. that
the concession boundaries slightly exceed the buffer zone boundary, just north of Banderishka Poliana.
It also appears that the ski run 10, the easternmost ski pist from the lower Platoto terminal to
Shiligarnika, runs outside both the concession and buffer zone boundaries, inside the PWHS, for a
short distance.

Комисията регистрира сериозна разлика между планирания капацитет на ски зоната и легловата база в Банско...

The balance between the capacity of accommodation and services in Bansko town and the capacity of
the ski zone has been central from the start of the development of the TAP and the PNP management
plan. This demand-supply balance is one of the major factors in the conflicts experienced and the future
plans presented to the mission. This has been a central issues already in the TAP, which proposed
that the maximum number of beds in Bansko should be augmented to 6 000 7 800.....

In about 10 15 years the town of Bansko has undergone a dramatic change. According to the information
provided by the Municipality of Bansko, up to 800 mill has been invested in the municipality
and presently there are 17 000 hotel and apartment (about 50%) beds in Bansko, with 800 000 bed
nights during high season and 200 000 during summer26. However, other sources estimate the number
of beds up to 60 000 or even more, with up to 80% apartments. Though it was difficult to get reliable
information on the present status it is apparent that equilibrium no longer exists.
Нещо по адрес на "планирането" от общината, което много касае скорошните събития...
This capacity imbalance is the consequence of development driven by other factors and interests than
the aim for a planned and balanced urban or regional development. The municipality has failed to contain
the development of the capacity in the town within the limits provided by the TAP and the capacity
of the ski zone, or to build on and re-direct this rapid development to more diverse visitor demands.

Despite the apparent imbalance, primarily all development has been based on winter tourism and the
ski resort.
По отношене на заявените желяния за разширения:

In Bansko the municipality wants to:
Build a second cabin lift from the town to the Banderishka Poliana;
Replace the existing lift in Tzarna Mogila and re-open the pist;
Expand the water reservoir at Banderishka Poliana to increase the capacity to produce artificial
snow; and
Open 2 new ski runs in the Bansko ski zone.

In Dobrinishte the municipality want to:
Replace existing lifts;
Expand the ski runs; and
Open one new ski run.

In early 2011, investment plans amounting to up to 200 mill. euro33 in ski facilities in Bansko and
Razlog were announced by three investors. This included new and expanded plans for the existing
Dobrinishte ski zone, a new ski zone in Kulinoto near Razlog Municipality, and new investments in
the Bansko ski zone (for approximate location of the areas see Map 6).
Картата я има на страница 25. В общи линии "полигонът" на Добринище се иска да е по-голям от сега съществуващата зона на БАнско... Комисията не счита, че това е добра идея..
9. The mission noted that the municipalities of Bansko, Razlog have explicit and concrete plans
(e.g. TAP for Dobrinishte 2010, TAP Kulinoto 2008) to develop and expand new ski zones
within the Pirin World Heritage Site. Were those developments to proceed, they would clearly
impact on the Outstanding Universal Value, and would contradict the position that has consis tently been taken regarding the establishment of Pirin National Park as a World Heritage Site.
The State Party should take a proactive approach to ensure that the Pirin National Park Directorate
is represented and given the opportunity to influence any spatial or other planning, such
as TAPs, surrounding the World Heritage Site or with the potential of impacting on the property....

However, the request and plans to re-open and
develop the Tzarna Mogila ski lift and ski run would re-open the western slope of the valley
and extend developments outside the present buffer zone boundaries, and hence, should not be
. It is imperative to recognise that any further development of ski or other such facilities
within the World Heritage Site would seriously compromise the integrity and the Outstanding
Universal Value of the property.
На всички заинтересовани препоръчвам да четат директно документа. Всяко друго "цитиране" може да е разпространяване на "изкривена" информация, знаете колко се уважава в България точното цитиране и показване на нещата без модификации...

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ЮНЕСКО всъщност е против застрояването със ски писти на Национален парк Пирин:
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