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Photo Galleries


Season 2004/2005 Kosio Katev, BEFSA Rider - some personal pictures new
Season 2003/2004 Last ski days in the region of Bansko ski resort- new
Season 2003/2004 The big powder days of 2004 - part 2 - new
Season 2003/2004 The big powder days of 2004 - part 1 - new
Season 2003/2004 The Beginning of 2004 - it couldn't be better
Season 2003/2004 Beginning of the season - avalanche education lecture, first ski days and first big powder
Season 2002/2003 Ski Vacation with Porter Fox from Powder magazine
Season 2002/2003 Freestyle Gallery
Season 2002/2003 BEFSA event March 2003
Season 2002/2003 Video clip from a good jump (more than 15m) from Ilian Petrov, Rila Lakes Hut region
Season 2002/2003 New gallery from the Big Mountain Competition in Bansko 2003
Season 2002/2003 Gallery from Rila Lakes hut ski meeting (01-03.03.2003) and the first descent of Icefly couloir
Season 2002/2003 Gallery from the 2-d issue of the Big Mountain Competition, Bansko, Bulgaria, 13-16 February 2003
Season 2002/2003 freeride in great powder in the region of Pleven hut, Central Stara Planina (Balkan mountains), 01-02.02.2003
Season 2002/2003 freeride competition, The Seven Rila Lakes, Rila mountain, 25.01.2003г.
Season 2002/2003 Freeride in Bansko region, 17-18.01.2002г.
Season 2002/2003 freeride in the region of Bezbog hut (Pirin) and Vitosha mountain 21.01.2003
Season 2002/2003 freeride in Bansko, Pirin - 21.01.2003
Season 2001/2002 Big Mountain Competition, Bansko 2002, Todorka peak
photo Gallery season 2002
Season 2000/2001 photo Gallery - season 2000/2001
Season 1999/2000 Big Air demonstration - 2000
Freeride Competition, 2000
Season 1998/1999 Big Air Demonstration - 1999
Common galleries Freeride (Freeride) - year 2000
Планини (Bulgarian mountains) - 2000
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