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Some photo galleries from skiing in March:

Maliovica region, Rila Mts., some good spring (? -18C) skiing...

Same weekend, different region (02.04.2005) - lots of snow and fun

BEFSA-Dragon Road Gap Event - Rila mointains, end of March

Long waited big ski trip in BG Mountains - mid March

A very big ski descent in Rila Mts - mid March

The "wild trip" - a ski trip in Pirin mountains, off the beaten ski tracks - 03 03 2005

And some from the big POWDER days of Feb:

20 Feb on our home mountain - Vitosha

"The Big swimming" - photos from some very nice powdeeer riding

Fantastic powder conditions in Bulgaria from the end of January till the end of February- you can view some pictures in a story, which is in Bulgarian (sorry for this:)

National Big Mountain Competition - The Mad Goat Ride 2005 was held in Rila Lakes Hut region, Rila Mountains from 11 to 13 Feb. 2005.

Photo gallery - personal images of Kosio Katev, BEFSA Rider

The Bulgarian Extreme and Freestyle Skiing Association has changed its name to Bulgarian Extreme and Freeskiing Association (BEFSA). We have also elected new president - Ivo Altanov

The new issue of SKIING magazine with article about BEFSA, freeride in Bulgaria and "the Mad Goat Ride" Competition. Please follow the link to read it.

SKIER magazine have also come with an article about BEFSA, freeride in Bulgaria and "the Mad Goat Ride" Competition. Please follow the link to read it.

New issue of POWDER magazine with cover page and big article for Bansko, Bulgaria. You can view a copy of the article (PDF file) by clicking on the following link: POWDERSTROIKA - Powder mag, 10.2004

Article about BEFSA, "The Mad Goat Ride" and Bulgarian in POACHERS magazine - "in pictures" in our site

Photo story about Rafting and Kayaking in Kresna Gorge

On 18.05.2004 Petko Totev climbed mt.Everest, the highest peak on the Earth. On 20.05.2004 Nikolai Petkov and Doichin Boianov climbed the peak without the use of oxygen equipment! BEFSA congratulates the climbers with their success!

Momchil Panayotov returned from his long ski trip to Switzerland and France
During it he visited and skied in the valleys of Zermatt, Arolla, Davos, Chamonix and Val Thorence. You may see some pictures from the trip in the stories (sorry, only in Bulgarian)

Fantastic last ski days in Bulgarian mountains
These days the Bulgarian freeriders enjoyed the last "lift assisted" mountain access for the year. After several fantasastic almost 1000m v.drop runs we closed "the resort season" You may take a look at some pictures from these runs

New Photo galleries - the big powder days of 2004

From 19 to 21.03.2004 there was a ski meeting organized by BEFSA. During the trip we made some very nice ski descents, among which were "Stewe Wander's couloir (or may be better - Still we wander:)" couloir and the North face of Otovica peak in Rila mountains. You may see pictures from the event at the photo galleries

Great Riding from BEFSA competitors Andrey Balevski, Maia Stoilova and Andreana Iankova on First Tracks Competition in St Luc-Chandolin -

International Big Mountain Competition "The Mad Goat Ride" 2004 - On 21.02.2004 at the foot of Todorka peak, Pirin mountains was held the 3-d international Big Mountain Competition, organized by BEFSA. Please, follow the link above to view the final ranking and some photos.

Photo gallery - the beginning of 2004.

On 17 and 18th Jan 2004 on Rila Lakes hut was held an Avalanche Education Course, organized by BEFSA.

After long waiting we finally had the chance to ski in very, very deep powder. Two dump days brought 1,2m of fresh snow in Bansko forests. And of course we were the first to ski it:) You may see our first photo gallery - "the beginning of the season" (08.01.2004)

Last Year:

For the second time BEFSA organized International Big Mountain competition. It was held in BANSKO from 13 to 16 Feb. 2003. Visit for more information.

Below are some news from BEFSA's life from season 2002/2003:

On 23.04.2003 Momchil Panayotov, Ilian Petrov, Boris Jordanov and POWDER Magazine guest Porter Fox made a descent of a very nice couloir in Rila Lakes hut region, Rila Mountains. They named it "Stewe Wander's couloir (or may be better - Still we wander:)" because of the incredible fog they had to fight with while searching for the beginning of the couloir. Check ou the photo gallery from the trip!


On 30.03.2003 Momchil Panayotov, Ilian Petrov and Krassimir Petrov made a first descent of the "Goat Couloir" in Rila Mountains. The vertical drop of the ski descent was 960m. Then followed 200m of "ski canyoning":)


Andreana Iankova from BEFSA has finished 2-d at "Freeride first track" competition, Switzerland


On 08.03.2003 Momchil Panayotov made a descent of the "Orange couloir" in Maliovica valley. In the same time in the region was held the 10-th issue of "Maliovica" alpine ski rally, organized by Vassil Florov. It was a preparation of the Bulgarian teams for their participation in Pirramente contest.



On 02.03.2003 Ilain Petrov, Momchil Panayotov, Emanuil Emanuilov and George Lilianov made a first descent of "Icefly" couloir in Rila mountains. Check out the gallery from the ski meeting and the descent in Galleries page.


You may find more about BEFSA events at our Events page






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